I literally rm-rf 'd the website 🤦

Unrelated blooper meta

Such a drag!!

So, in preparation of the first article on this site, while experimenting with the Apricot theme, I literally rm -rf 'd the website. I wasn't content with the how the theme displayed some elements. Perhaps I experimented too much...

The first article was supposed to be about how I wanted to write blogs and my acceptance into the GSoC program. I wrote how I selected my organization for the program - Inkscape. How I had been using Inkscape for almost two and a half years when applying and how much I loved Inkscape (still ❤️ it). Inkscape is a vector graphics editing program btw. I also wrote about selecting the SSG for this website and learning to use the rSt markup format.

The last paragraph above now shall serve as the meta-article for the original first one.

Anyways, now I know better than to mindlessly rm things. The importance of local backups is also highlighted.😌

That's all I have to say for now, adieu...

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